ECG Technician


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1 Years



ECG Technician

Course Objectives and Highlights

An electrocardiogram technician performs an ECG by attaching electrodes to a patient and then pulling switches on an ECG machine to trace electrical impulses transmitted by the heart. A doctor then inspects these readings to analyze the patient"s heart condition. ECG technicians also might perform stress tests. The certificate/diploma courses in ECG interpretation have been developed to provide the participants with a high level of knowledge and skills in ECG interpretation and help them recognize the wide variety of clinical abnormalities.

Course Curriculum
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Basics of radiation physics
  • Dark room techniques
  • General radiography & Radiotherapy etc
  • Basic ECG techniques
  • Leads positioning
  • Identification of Patients
  • NABH in a Nutshell
  • AERB guidelines
  • TLD Badges
  • Radiation Hazard & Safety
  • Education - Class 10 or 12 Pass

Certificate or Diploma issued by National Council of Paramedical, Delhi and Shalby Academy

  • Hands on training on ECG recording
  • 24X7 running department
  • Experienced team of technologist
  • Well qualified faculties
  • Library

Mandatory-Supervised On-the-job training at Shalby Hospitals.