Dr Vikram I. Shah

Dr Vikram I. Shah
Chairman & Managing Director
Shalby Hospitals


Shalby Multi-specialty Hospital chain has been at the forefront of the Indian Healthcare Sector for over 27 years now. Shalby has always been striving to exceed excellence in healthcare deliverables right from its inception, way back in 1994. All through our journey, one thing we have experienced is the dearth of “Industry Ready Human Resource “in this niche sector. The hospital sector in India has been evolving over time and it attained the status of an Industry in the last 10 years. This has helped intense participation of Industry and Academia in shaping industry-ready human resource with required skill sets to meet the ever-rising demand of this industry. Today, the Hospital Industry in India and elsewhere in the world is one of the largest employers in the organized sector, employing millions.

Shalby Academy, A Unit of Shalby Limited is set up with the cherished vision of providing Healthcare Education to suit the ever rising expectations of the modern day customer- the patient community, in healthcare deliverables. With a pan India presence and over 1 lakh medical professionals, trained and certified individuals Shalby Academy is an emerging Healthcare Ed-Tech Training Institution in India. With the pandemic still looming on us, the world and the country are going through extremely tough times as the future remains uncertain. Educational centers across the globe have closed down temporarily to protect students and staff from possible infection. However, not everything is hopeless, thanks to Education Technology “Virtual Classes.” To make sure students and professionals continue on their superior health education we have introduces LMS (Learning Management System) which is much more effective, efficient and practically relevant than a traditional education method especially now while COVID-19 remains a threat to everyone’s health and safety. We have adopted a blended learning methodology with an affiliation to world-renowned institutes such as Indian Institute of Public Health, IIHMR University, Indus University, Ganpat University, and National Council of Paramedical to evoke interest, cultivate curiosity, and inspire engagement.