IV Cannulation


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IV Cannulation

About the course

Intravenous cannulation is the second most invasive procedure for patients in hospital.

Use of peripheral venous cannula is common, but infection can occur and prove fatal, if care is not taken to monitor the site.

This course on intravenous cannulation is designed to theoretically prepare the nurses to perform intravenous cannulation. The course provides an understanding of various aspects of intravenous cannulation and management of complications to maintain quality practice in the workplace.

Learning Outcome

  • Recognise the indications for cannulation and their advantages.
  • Determine the appropriate cannula size for its precipitated use.
  • Write down the preparation required for cannulation and list the steps required to undertake effective cannulation.
  • Identify a suitable vein for cannulation.
  • List the possible complications of cannulation.