Operation Theater Technician


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1 Years



Operation Theater Technician

Course Objectives and Highlights

This course is aimed at training students in the OT management. They are extensively taught to prepare and maintain an operation theatre for surgery. They are trained in setting up the theatre and instrument trolleys for specific surgeries, which include positioning the operation table and patient, and thereafter assisting a surgeon during the surgery. They are also trained in autoclaving and sterile supplies required to use in the theatre.

Course Curriculum
  • Basic anatomy, physiology, pathology
  • General pharmacology
  • General surgery, anesthesia
  • Pre-operative care
  • Operative care
  • Operation theatre setup
  • Equipment care and maintenance
  • Sterilization of operation theatre & surgical equipment
  • Positioning and assistance for operation theatre procedures
  • Basic nursing skills and critical care
  • Disposal of medical waste
  • Collection of samples & its handling for further examination or analysis
  • Pre and post operation patient handling
  • Medico-legal aspects of Anesthesia
  • Patients" rights and consent, medical ethics
  • Education - Class 10 or 12 Pass

Certificate or Diploma issued by National Council of Paramedical, Delhi and Shalby Academy

  • Basic skill lab with dummies for injections, CPR, tube feeding, catheter sterilization station and autoclave
  • Operation theatre lab, fullyequipped with an operation theatre table and attachments
  • Well-qualified faculty members
  • Library

Mandatory-Supervised On-the-job training at Shalby Hospitals.