X-Ray Technician


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1 Years



X-Ray Technician

Course Objectives and Highlights

This course trains students to work as radiology technicians in radiology departments and clinics. After undergoing a basic training in human anatomy and physiology, they are taught to handle X-ray equipment, develop X-ray films using wet development and the computerized X-ray machines, CT scan, MRI and Ultrasound (Sonography).

Course Curriculum
  • Introduction to imaging technologies
  • Basic anatomy, physiology and pathology
  • Radiological physics
  • Basic concepts and production of X-ray
  • Positioning of the patient
  • Radiographic photography and dark room technique
  • Radiographic imaging material and equipment
  • Routine & special radiographic procedures
  • Radiation protection
  • Modern imaging techniques
  • Computerized Tomography
  • Cath lab overview
  • Ultra-sonography overview
  • Magnetic resonance Imaging
  • Special procedures and the use of contrast media
  • Hospital practices & safety procedures
  • Legal requirements for radiology
  • AERB guidelines
  • TLD badges
  • Radiation hazard & safety
  • NABH in a nutshell
  • Education - Class 10 or 12 Pass

Certificate or Diploma issued by National Council of Paramedical, Delhi and Shalby Academy

  • X-Ray lab with a dark room for wet development and a computer room for digital reports
  • Access to full-fledged CT scan, DEXA
  • MRI, sonography diagnostic centre in Shalby Hospitals
  • Well-qualified faculty members
  • Library

Mandatory-Supervised On-the-job training at Shalby Hospitals.